photo_1549_20060510Getting life back on track: How does therapy work?


It is important you feel comfortable with your therapist-our relationship is the key to the success of therapy. We will talk about your difficulties and I will try to understand you and your life. The idea of therapy is to have a space for yourself to make sense of your feelings and your experiences.


In working together we may identify changes that you would like to make to your life or we may work on figuring out how to manage or accept those things which you cannot change.


My job is not to tell you what to think or feel but to offer a space for you to find these answers within yourself. I will not offer advice or tell you what to do and instead the two of us will work together as a team to tackle your concerns and come up with ways of managing differently. Often therapy is about feeling less stuck and living life in a way which feels more manageable, happier and becoming kinder to yourself.