Testimonial from a Parent

Dear Sara, I know we haven’t had our last session yet, but I am emailing you just to express my thanks for all you’ve done for us. It took me a long time to even go to the GP, let alone feel happy with going to see a psychologist. I was worried that it would make things worse, or focus too much on her problems. I thought I was being an over anxious parent (although I don’t have any such worries about my other daughter). I’ve got lots of medics in the extended family and everyone said she would grow out of it. Also I didn’t really have much confidence in the process. But I am so so glad we came to see you. Her behaviour has changed quite dramatically. She no longer comes into our bed to sleep (except very very occasionally). She is not frightened about being in a room on her own. She no longer panics about feeling sick (which is so draining when we are up lots of times in the night). She is much more confident talking about her feelings. She hardly ever panics. Of course like any child she is growing in confidence every day, and of course she still has worries about things. But they are manageable and don’t drag us down and she can talk about them, she understands them better and is not so frightened of those feelings. I’m sure just me and her taking the time out to come on our visits to you has been a benefit in itself. But I am also sure that if it wasn’t for you, and the particular way you do what you do, this wouldn’t have happened. She obviously likes and trusts you. I am so grateful for the way you don’t patronise her, for your calmness, kindness and lightness of touch. You make the sessions feel like a very very safe and relaxed place for her to be. So I am very grateful to you…I think its a massive investment for later life. She now knows that she can find help for her problems (she can face things, talk about them and put them in perspective). I think she is far more likely to be able to cope in the future than I was/am. Thank you so much!

Testimonial from a Teenager

Dear Sara,

It was very nice meeting you, you’re a great person. You have helped me in lots of ways; helped me with my anger problem (how I can react to things when I’m angry and the things I used to do when I wanted to hurt someone). The time we spoke about my self-confidence and how I have problems socialising. You made a lot of positive influence in my life that I didn’t have in a long time. You know my problems and everything that happened to me….. You helped me to think about the future and what I want to happen when I grow up. I remember the day I first met you and you met me. I was shy and concerned that you wouldn’t like my attitude and me being a different confused teenager. I hope that you remember me through your days; you’ve touched my heart in so many ways.