For some parents the journey to parenthood has not been a smooth one. Difficulties conceiving, during pregnancy and other events during this period such as family bereavement or significant changes can make this time particularly challenging. The demands of being a parent coupled with these stresses and many others can leave you feeling as though you have very little space to think.


When parents seek out parenting consultancy they are often feeling very stuck and like there is no way out. They need help to figure out what the difficulties are or how to help themselves. Parent consultancy is about you being the expert on your family lives, but like all experts, sometimes you need some support from someone else to help you get the best out of yourself. We all have moments where we feel overwhelmed and we cannot see the way forward and having someone understand your family values, hopes and story can offer you a place to work out the next step.


What is parenting consultancy?


Parenting consultancy is not therapy for you or your child. However, it is a place to think about relationships between you and your co-parents, and you and your child. Together with a therapist who has a background in working with parents and children you might consider some of the following things to help you to figure out the way forward:

• Your own experience of being parented
• Yourself as a child
• Experience/expectations/hopes of being parents
• The journey so far and how it has shaped you
• What you would like life to be as parents and as a family
• What you want your child to be-your best hopes for them and their future
• How do you set yourselves up to be the parents you want to be


Contact me to discuss your concerns and we will book in an assessment to discuss things further.