Is counselling/therapy the right thing for me? How do I know if you are the best therapist to help me?

Therapy is not for everyone but many people find that it is an invaluable place for them to become unstuck and feel more able to manage the challenges that they are facing. The best way to find out is to arrange a first appointment, experience what it is like and this will help you work out if it is the right thing for you.


Do you offer therapy sessions funded by my private health care?

I am directly registered with a number of private health care providers and others may be willing to fund sessions with me as a local provider of therapy. Please contact me for further discussion on 07799 052 241.


I’m a parent struggling with my children-can you help?

I offer therapeutic support/consultation for parents who are struggling to make sense of their children’s behaviour and who feel they need a space to explore this. We would meet together to discuss your concerns and may work together for a few sessions to help you understand your child and how to manage things differently.


Can you offer training/consultancy at my institution/service?

I am able to offer tailored training/consultancy to the needs of your organisation. This can be offered in-house. Please call me on 07799 052 241 to discuss your requirements.


Do you offer sessions for children or adolescents?

I do offer sessions for 10-17 year-olds but the needs of the young person or child will usually need to first be considered at an assessment session with the parent/carer without the child present. I offer a range of therapeutic interventions for children and young people including counselling and play/art/indirect therapy approaches.


Any other questions?

Please feel free to contact me on 07799052441 or to discuss them further.